Plumbing repairs has an extremely large range.  The general repairs includes replacement of flexi hoses, angle valves, cistern mechanisms,taps.  Our plumbers work according to your budget but also ensure the best quality.  Purchasing the correct material is extremely important.  
Dripping taps, angle valves, flexi hoses or toilets is a huge waste of water and costs you money too.  It is important to know that when our plumbers change a component on a toilet or basin, that a proper service and overhaul should be done.  If you replace an old item with a new one and the old components are still in place, they are compromised due to the new item that is functioning at a better rate than the old components which places strain on the existing materials and they soon too will start to perish.  Get a professional plumber to rehaul your cisterns and toilets and the components thereof.