Geysers serve as really large kettles to provide us with hot water.  It is important to maintain a geyser to enhance it's lifespan.  Our plumbers change thermostats, elements and anodes on a daily basis as these perish due to the lime build up in our water and makes the element work twice as hard to heat the water up.  

We repair and install electrical geysers as well as solar geysers.  Our plumbers have more than 10 years experience, ensuring a succesful, painless installation or repair.  We make use of Heat tech and Kwikot geysers and materials.  We also ensure that the plumber sets the Thermostat on the correct temperature  in order to preserve the lifespan of the element and prevents a massive electrical bill at the end of the month. The plumber cleans up after himself and checks for other problems whilst up in the roof, just as a courtesy.
It also important to educate yourself regarding what's going on in and around your house.  Plumbing is simple if you understand the basics and could probably maintain the plumbing yourself.  Sometimes, however, you would need a professional plumber to inspect components such as Pressure valves, Safety valves, Vacuum breakers, Drip trays, overflows etc.  These ensure the correct functioning of the geyser and the pressure throughout your house.  Leave the balancing of pressure to the experienced plumbers!